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About Pendulum Comics:
It's late. You wave your friends good-bye and climb into the car, alone! It'll take you just under an hour to get home through the dark country roads especially in this cold weather.
After ten minutes it starts to rain and you turn on the wipers trying to make out the narrow lanes that twist back and forth. It's late October and the fallen leaves have made the road slippery. Taking care not to skid you slow down.
Your eyes flick up to the rear view mirror; did you check the back seat before you climbed into the car? You look up again, starting to feel a little nervous. It's just a shadow you tell yourself, nothing could have gotten into the car but still your fear starts to rise. You go a little faster now, eager to be home or at least in the nearest town. Did something move back there? The red glow of your taillights flickers eerily behind. You start to remember a story, an urban myth about a series of grisly murders that happened a few years back, The Back Seat Strangler. Did they ever catch the murderer? You look up again half expecting to see someone staring back at you. Nothing! Now your palms are sweating and your imagination races…you're old enough to know better…but your heart is thudding so loudly you can hear it in your ears…check again, there is something back there! A shape! You want to look back, prove that it's just your imagination but the roads are too dangerous and if you crash you'll be trapped. Alone! Out here…with it! Movement again? Is that an arm…someone crouched on the back seat waiting toooooo…?

... In this moment you reach a place deep inside yourself, a place seldom visited by adults but lived in by Children. It is a place as old as man, set aside for our primal fears of the dark. It is in these corners of ourselves that we find what it is to be a child again, looking into the shadows of our bedroom, wishing for the sunrise...

Inside here the pendulum falls too and fro, between what is real and just our imagination...

From the dark side of the world comes Pendulum, a new British comic company that specialises in the macabre and unusual. Our aim is to bring you adult comics like you've never seen them before, with stories that drag you into the shady corners of your minds eye and keeps you there!

Because we are independent we can focus on the more bizarre aspect of the comic world set in a sinister and sometimes humorous universe whose threads are limited only by your desire for more.

Based primarily on the Internet Pendulum brings you the next stage in comic evolution, incorporating sound, music, animation and much more, whilst still retaining the old style comic feel. Each new issue is downloaded onto your hard drive and placed in your own personal pendulum library, so that can re-read your favourite stories again and again.

Pendulum Comics is also a forum for new Artists and Writers, a place were the next generation of talent can develop and experiment.

If you would like to submit any work, Stories or Artwork, please click on the submissions link.