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Should be one page of artwork
High quality colour photocopy - please don't send original artwork as we can't return it and can't guarantee that we won't loose it, spill our coffee on it etc...
A postal address for you to send your artwork to will be available soon, but in the mean time please use the form at the end of this page to send us the URL of your portfolio site or to send us your contact details. We will then contact you with the address to send your photocopied artwork to.
NB: Please don't email us huge attachments, they're a real drag without a broad bandwidth connection.
We won't pass any information onto 3rd parties. Please read our privacy policy.

Hints on what to consider before submitting artwork to Pendulum comics:
Choose a story and draw a part of it for us, we don't want the whole thing, just one or two pages. Make sure that it's an exciting part of the story, it would be pretty boring if the part you chose to illustrate involved a man picking up his clothes from the cleaner before sitting down to eat dinner in front of the TV. Choose the part when five minutes later there's a knock at the door. When the man opens it there is a figure dressed in dark clothes. In a dull lifeless voice he says
"I have a message from your wife"
The man looks back horrified
"My Wife? Are you insane she's been dead for almost Two years!"

We don't have a particular medium for artwork, pencil, ink or paint they all work for us, as long as they look good and telegraph the story well.

Lastly, don't be afraid of your own unique style, we're not looking for a carbon copy of other famous comic artists, we're looking for new ones!

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